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School Photos

College Photos Monday 3rd  May 2021

On Monday 3rd May 2021, the College will take part in their Annual College Photo Day.  The expectation on this day for students is that they dress in full College winter uniform.  All College uniform expectations, as outlined in the 2021 Student Diary including make up, jewellery, hair etc these are our expectations on our photos day and every other school day.

All Yr 7-10 female students must have their hair tied back and 7-10 male students have short hairstyle (if hair is longer than collar length). Boys do not have the option of tying their hair back in Year 7 to 10. For all students, hair needs to be neat, clean and tidy. Yr 11 and 12 male students need to be clean shaven.

As per the 2021 diary, stockings are optional and are dark navy 70 denier (not black) opaque stockings brought from the Uniform shop. (If we can see socks under the stockings, the stockings are not the correct dark navy opaque stockings which are thicker and more durable than general, thin pantyhose stockings). Female students are to ensure stockings do not have holes in them.

All Yr 7-12 College male students must wear their shirts tucked in and ties done right up to cover the top button, with the tie length touching the trouser belt and socks must be as per the college diary and dependent on either the Penola or McCarthy uniform expectations.  All College students will wear  their blazers for the school photo. Students who have not had their blazer order met by LOWES will have a uniform pass and please read the uniform update information on the other communication today.

We encourage black polished and clean school shoes for all students.

Photo Information sheet that has been sent home with your child last week. 

More information is attached from MSP Photography.

Posted: Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Year 10 Vaccinations Term 2

Year 10 will receive their Meningococcal ACWY Vaccinations in Term 2 on the 21st June 2021. 
Posted: Wednesday, April 21, 2021