Pathways in Technology (P-TECH)

The key industry partners that are driving the P-TECH collaboration at Penola Catholic College are PwC and Telstra.

Penola Catholic College (formerly Penola) is privileged to be designated by the Federal Government, to be a Pathways in Technology (P-TECH) college.

Penola is the only Catholic school in NSW to be designated as a P-TECH College. P-TECH enables students to be involved in developing enterprise skills in conjunction with our Industry Partners, Telstra and PwC. Students have access to and acquire very specific skills in order to be successful in diverse career pathways. In conjunction with P-Tech, we offer the iSTEM course. iSTEM and P-Tech involve real world problem solving and the development of Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Adaptability and Creativity.








What is P-TECH?

At its core, the P-TECH model being delivered at Penola Catholic College is about collaboration – a partnership between education, industry and community – but it is a partnership with a clear purpose: To provide an industry supported pathway for young people to achieve that strengthens their employment prospects.


Our Mission

The P-TECH mission is to develop and support pathways to post-school education that lead to careers in STEM related fields. With support from industry, P-TECH students engage in a rigorous academic program with strong links to real world applications—and real jobs.

Achieving this goal requires the education, industry and community sectors to work together to put in place the key elements that make up the P-TECH model, including:



Innovative approaches to learning

Partnerships between schools and industry enable innovative approaches to the way learning is delivered; approaches that would not be possible if schools, or industry, acted in isolation. Working together, schools and industry can provide opportunities for students to engage with the world of work and better understand the relevance of their learning to jobs and post-school pathways.


Mentor support

The mentor relationship between young people and industry personnel provides continuity of support for students to achieve a post-school qualification. The mentor relationship will ensure the students' learning stays on track and provides opportunities for guidance to help young people make informed decisions regarding their education, training and employment options.


A post-school qualification

A key aspect of designing the learning program includes the way existing Australian Curriculum and Australian Qualifications Framework recognised education and training is sequenced to achieve the best outcomes for students. A strong relationship between the school, industry and post-school institution(s) will provide continuity of support and a seamless pathway for students as they transition from school to further education.

Links to employment

Collaboration between the education and industry sectors strengthens the connection between student learning and the skills that employers need. In addition to the technical skills that students' gain, opportunities to engage with employers and experience the contemporary workplace enable P-TECH students to develop the work-readiness skills so highly valued by employers.